January 23, 2012 by

Father gives us life
provides the spirit

Mother heals our hearts
brings us wisdom

we, the Daughters
born through the forging heat
tempered by chill waters
bear their legacy
into the world


let us begin

January 22, 2012 by

there’s a certain rightness
to sitting at this table
knowing i’m at home
with a hot cup of something
warming my hands
as my computer boots up
and i prepare
to dive into the world of words

i’ve got you

January 21, 2012 by

the screams in my mind subside
and the press of millions
all uncaring and self-absorbed
lifts slowly
i break out into this
silent space
brought back to reality
by a tired voice
reaching out
to rescue me from my mind

the water’s warm

January 20, 2012 by

even if you don’t know
where you’ll end up
there’s no reason
not to try


January 19, 2012 by

my chest constricts
every time i think about
taking that one little step forward
where the ground might shift
shoved violently
from my tentative step
leaving my heel
poised above darkness
that would take me back
without hesitation

hold your breath

January 18, 2012 by

someone hold me down
before i fill up
and float
straight through
that little blue patch
and into the sun

Dear me…

January 17, 2012 by

you amaze me | always have | always will
beautiful | confident | full of life
never compromising | always striving

those words you left | scrawled on the floor
were never for him | nor the rose | nor the love
every moment | when you said “i love you”
what you really meant
was “i love me”

winter wonderland

January 16, 2012 by

just cold enough to see
breath in the air
smoke clouds above the chimneys
and huge fluffy flakes
making a grand social march
down to the waiting crowds below


January 15, 2012 by

i haven’t worn it for years
my memories are erroded
nearly forgotten
no pain
only deja vu
every time that band shines
i see a hand five years younger
the ghost of flesh
contained within me now
brought out
by a ring

just turn around

January 14, 2012 by

everyone’s out there
chasing their dreams
of big money
and getting ahead

i can’t say i’ve truly wanted
for anything in my life
i’ve never been poor
or starving
i’ve never lost someone close to me
or shivered in the cold
with no one to turn to

i can’t imagine what it feels like
to be deprived
to always want
with no chance to get
that thing that might
keep me alive

how has the world twisted itself
so much that people are blind
to the things that really matter
and continue to grab greedily
at the shiny and new
never realizing
the perfect life is theirs already
if only they would stop
and see