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April 3, 2012

My dreams climb up the walls
like roaches,
you ask:
where is the soap
to wash the future down?

I tell you it’s already eaten,
the bird on my shoulder
squawking bubbles
across the room–

and nobody’s dancing.


travel bug

May 23, 2011

i want to say I’ve been there
pictures lined in rows
showing the good times or the bad
just memories captured
a room all for paintings
many filled with books
one from each direction
a compass spun
new inspiration captured
brought home to be treasured
in this glass bottle


December 17, 2010

and in the stillness of winter, and the silence,
i’ve felt the color of a bud
blushing red –

i think there’s warmth in my heart tonight

32/365 – exhumed

October 4, 2010

perhaps i did awaken late
from the shackles of somnolence
and all my secrets,
that i hadn’t been able to hear,
came pouring out of me
in droves of tears that never
did run dry and all the pain
i didn’t know i had buried
over and over again


May 1, 2010

through the window i see
green waves crashing
dolphins careening
leading ships to sea
i lean out to hear
the siren’s song
in salt-laden wind
drawing me to my feet
and running out
i fall to swim
in the sun-drenched grass
of childhood summer


April 30, 2010

won’t you come and live in sin with us
and burn your skin off for a while.
satan has the best candy.

yes, i believe in love.
i’m a sucker just like you.
but someday you will see the truth.

all those cutesy mail-order catalogs
with pictures of dopey couples
are cashing in on happiness over and over.

save yourself
from marriage, inc.
and love your partner because you want to.

30 – the last day

April 30, 2010

i would
hold your hand
and look into your eyes
and say goodbye
but i know we’ll be back
to link our arms
though each others
and soon, like the days
of yesteryear,
we’ll be back to running
around in circles and chasing
tornadoes through the coffers
of our minds.

29 – wild nights

April 30, 2010

wild nights
and years of ecstasy
and all the bolts of lightning
have stood in a corner
as i’ve watched you
traipse around my heart
and take pieces of me
with you every day
that you’ve opened the door
to leave.

Last Day

April 30, 2010

Last day
I now remember
was epic
in every sense
of the word.


April 30, 2010

simmer down, sweet fire
for i may need you
later on
when the days are cold and gray
and nothing shines
but the lights
above the road
leading me somewhere
when the night is darkest
we will burn