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Assembly Lines

March 12, 2013

Assembly Lines

Masterfully crafting free minds

The institutional lie



Dumb us down,

Procreate …


A creation so great

it will often imitate

A free mind.

Yet, buys the line

All men are created equal.

Celebrate freedom

As long as I say OK

Assembly Lines


Jimi Sang

October 6, 2010

Castles made of sand

Fall in to the sea


So be bold

Bold as Love

Hey Joe

Are you listening to me

Be bold

Oh be bold

Bold as Love

Because manic Depression

Is takin over me

So I must be bold

Bold As Love

I Cry

October 5, 2010

I Cry …
I Cry for children who weep for their lost youth
Abolished from their land of make believe
Which once swiftly swayed within the confines of their hearts
For innocence is quickly lost
Where others are stripped of life’s beauty
As the willow weeps so do these who are but shocked with life’s ugly truth
Veils of disbelief are sewn to cover mind’s eye
Yet those who witness truth can not cover their disbelief

I sit with head in hands …
And cry for the children who weep for their lost youth.