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just outside

January 31, 2012

all you need
are a few steps
taken in the right direction

the sandy path
will continue to wind
between the trees

waiting only to take
the print of your feet

proof of having been


neverending farewell

January 30, 2012

the moon smiles tonight
her bright face turned toward
the sun’s reclining head
his fingers trailing pink
against the dark curves of her body
this last moment
before day moves on
and the night cloaks her
in the softness of the sky

veteran’s park

January 29, 2012

the first stars came out
tentative to shine
their dim light
over the memorials erected
here on this spot
not wanting to wash out
the glow of souls
dead for their beliefs


January 28, 2012

within these walls
i cannot see
the light of day
except a glimpse
just at noon
when everything
lines up


January 27, 2012

it’s amazing how absorbed we get
with that little word
we let it drag us around by the nose
pushing us past our limits
ignoring the warning signs
we end up broken and unhappy
all because of six letters
that we gave the power
to destroy our lives

the process

January 26, 2012

i guess i force it
just a little bit too much
expectations overriding creativity
when my mind jumps between my fingers screaming
“you better produce something worthwhile
or else this has been a waste of time”
somehow the joy leaks away
and the pressure squeezes me down
into a ball incapable of thought
let alone movement
so the moment passes

longer lived

January 25, 2012

my, how perspectives change
when you realize you’re counting in years
and it used to be months
or even just days
nothing ever lasted this long

lightening the load

January 24, 2012

my shoulders bow
beneath the understanding
that i
the one still whole
might take this burden
from the infirm
carrying the weight
that others cannot


January 23, 2012

Father gives us life
provides the spirit

Mother heals our hearts
brings us wisdom

we, the Daughters
born through the forging heat
tempered by chill waters
bear their legacy
into the world

let us begin

January 22, 2012

there’s a certain rightness
to sitting at this table
knowing i’m at home
with a hot cup of something
warming my hands
as my computer boots up
and i prepare
to dive into the world of words