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ends just lead to beginnings

August 31, 2011

another chapter closes
this time a better ending
so that the next page can become
whatever future i wish
not bogged down by things of the past
but bright with hope
hope that i can overcome my fears
conquer my self-doubt
and become the woman
i know i am capable of being
watch me grow
we may all be surprised yet



August 31, 2011

i have learned not to hide my true feelings
never fear the words that might make them understand
the only person that holds you back is yourself
no one else has the strength to make you anything
if you want it, take it
don’t ask permission of those that can’t know you as you do
make your own fate
and no matter what happens just push on through
nothing will hurt you
if you are confident in who you are
and where your boundaries lie
never bend under force and never break under sadness
the world will continue turning
and you will be tomorrow, a better person that you were today

sadder, but wiser

August 30, 2011

certain scars will never heal
not completely
always remaining as a reminder
of the places i’ve been
and never want to be again
i can’t control how they
change the world for me
but i’m glad they’re here
to protect me
from the evil that wants this soul

oak helicopter flight

August 29, 2011

grown out of
grown away from
things that pull you down
just another
little drink
of the poison
stops you now
be freer
run amuck
never wonder
where this leads
there’s nothing better
in this world
than yourself

reaching the climax

August 28, 2011

as you draw closer to the end of a large feat
the excitement grows
adrenaline rushing to assist with the last push
until it’s done
and behind the pride and accomplishment
the emptiness shimmers
reminding that your work is never truly over
once one ends, another must begin
if only to keep a life moving forward

freer now

August 27, 2011

looking back
i didn’t realize how much of myself was lost
buried under layers of pain
your negativity had tainted my mind
causing no end of grief and suffering
how could i have known
your claims of love were destroying me
even i had forgotten my name

neurons fire

August 26, 2011

the mind’s ability to interpret
millions of combinations
entire volumes of meaning
and yet no two minds on this earth
will understand the same thing

life saver

August 25, 2011

isn’t it a little silly
the way we cling to one another
hoping the other will be our buoy
before suddenly realizing
that neither of us know how to swim


August 24, 2011

i haven’t done it all
far from it
but i’m still satisfied
that i’ve gotten somewhere
without anyone else pushing
i made the decision
the actions followed
and as i rest
i can smile at my work


August 23, 2011

the jumbled mess of creativity
scattered on the floor
pencils, pens, brushes, notebooks
laying as though tossed at the ground
but really in perfect order
for the mind prepared
created to use these tools