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behind you

July 31, 2011

i’ve come pretty far from where i used to be
trapped in a hopeless situation
surrounded by darkness and shame
unwilling to take the leap of faith
needed to get me out
but somehow i did
and here i am
independent and strong
standing on my own
just the way we never thought i could
isn’t it a miracle


friendly advice

July 30, 2011

we all think we know what’s best
because of our incredible intellects
seeing into someone’s soul
is easy as a window
propped open for a breeze
and everything will be just fine
if only we do what everyone else says


July 29, 2011

i want to trace the scars
touch the smooth skin
where your past has cut you
dug in deep
and made you who you are today


July 28, 2011

every child knows it wants it
politicians seem to always have it
the less you have, the more you think about it
middle-class can’t talk it up enough
beggars constantly dig for it
the old have learned to be wary of it


July 27, 2011

exhaustion has overtaken me
stolen my muse
held her captive as i struggle
my hands tied
cold concrete stipples my face
driving the breath
into the morning air

coffee hypnosis

July 26, 2011

the bubbles swirl
slowly through the dark
liquid hot and steaming
as the hand turns
painted ceramic round
toward a mouth hungry
unsatisfied but yearning
for something more
from this simple drink

secret humanity

July 25, 2011

always looking for the bright and shiny
i may have stepped over the muddy jewel
lying in the brush
i may not have the structure
or memorized the official courses
but somewhere inside of me
there is a person that loves the words
thrown on the page
pouring out the heart
binding reader to writer
expressing more fluidly than the visual
so admired and daunting
that which lurks secretly
behind all of our eyes

invisible sentinels

July 24, 2011

the majesty of the world has been lost
gobbled up by the greed
for more things
more places
tourist attractions and domestic homes
line the avenues that once belonged
only to Earth and her children
but i can still see them
faintly in the air
like shimmering heat
they will always look down on our creations
simply waiting to come back
once our empires have fallen

ultimate self

July 23, 2011

I haven’t been looking for your approval
I don’t need your eyes to tell me I’m beautiful
I already know that I am
I’ve fallen in love with myself without you
now I only want someone I can share me with
that will love me just as much as I do


July 22, 2011

i feel so free
when i can see the sky
my heart follows my eyes