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just what i wanted

June 30, 2011

you held out a calloused hand
offering me the dream
i once thought would carry me
but suddenly
as the clouds part
and the angels sing
the wonder dissolves
and i see your hand as it really is


a dependence

June 29, 2011

don’t look at me like that
my eyes hold no heaven for you
find another escape from the woe of your world
i have enough of my own
dragging their limp bodies across the floor
my own demons scrabble at the boards
why would i want you to bring more
that i might lessen your load
and break
to be left a shredded shell
under the weight of all our troubles

one or two

June 28, 2011

i don’t know that there’s anything more to say
the glass stands between us
half-full the ruby liquid slides
one drop falling
staining the fabric taut
and we both watch
silence like the stain
spreading slowly to consume
the lightness only leaving
blood to tie us

selective hearing

June 27, 2011

i’m tired of being misjudged by people
that hear what they want to hear
of all the things i say
they form their own little pile of words
all pointing to a favorable end
for everyone but me

loved and lost

June 26, 2011

her heart loved them all
her mind couldn’t cope
with all the pain they dealt
as they slipped away
into the dearest night she falls now
soothing emptiness will heal
perhaps later love will come again
this time to stay
holding her close forever

mistaken impression

June 25, 2011

so much time has passed from when
her shining face beamed out
at the world of tomorrow
now from so many pictures
a beauty by all accounts
but hidden now
behind the facade of being
just one of the guys


June 24, 2011

no shining white knight
will ride in on his steed
not this time, girl
you wanted to be better
you asked to be free
well, this is it
your chance to shine
get out there and rescue
your distressed self
so lost, lonely, and afraid
no heroes arms will take away this pain
no handsome face to turn aside fate
the world comes at one or all
it doesn’t matter
so put on the armor
hop on that steed
and save yourself
because no one else will


June 23, 2011

despite the birds, cars, trees in wind, people’s voices
there is a silence here
not found in the white whir of fans, clicking keyboards, humming machinery
just the natural hush of untread pavement
a day ending as all the rest have
with the world still unaffected
by the paths we choose to follow

caged beetles

June 22, 2011

the ticking echoes off the pale walls
reverberating well
as deadlines draw near
and pass unnoticed
a feverish pace kept
until the body and mind dries up
and one husk is dragged to door
fresh meat stepping gingerly
to take a seat
the ticking begins anew


June 21, 2011

you fit the mold well
-you’re a man-

you’re kind and interested
-as they all were-
what a find

there seems a glint in your eye
-what could that be-
but you’re patient

the hands held out to me are big and strong
-you know what that means-
but I won’t take it

find yourself another girl
-bigger busted-
for I am taken