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subg – kc

May 31, 2011

an absence creates an abundance
nearly overflowing
opportunities missed
never offered
the mere presence drove off
all affections
strain evident
as the sinews tightened
now watch it fly



May 30, 2011

just a little nudge
the dirt slides down
years neglected
it can still shine
if you would
take the time

the talk

May 29, 2011

i have a thing to tell you
not one you’ll want to hear
truth unveiled for disbelieving ears
possible destruction follows
for those that hope
in fantasy based on dreams

fighting the silence

May 28, 2011

i’m tired of thinking of you
but i don’t know how to stop
this pain is all i had driving
the push to better
above the pathetic lives i witness
somehow without your critique
it becomes less important
because the good enough for me
is unknown

ta da

May 27, 2011

are you watching now
i did this for you
a little twist to maintain interest
and suddenly all is laid bare before
the eyes that judge all
finding each and every
never good enough for you and your
projected insecurities

i swear there’s more

May 26, 2011

tired of being this
softly rattling shell
tossed high
to be caught in different hands
scratched deep
thrown again
to land in the mud
hidden half-way down


May 25, 2011

i don’t need another book to tell me
just what it is i need
to find happiness and balance
the issue is not ignorance
but rather laziness
as the days pass by
each the same unfulfilled
the only thing i need now
is to do
motivate and accomplish


May 24, 2011

i don’t know how to be with you
you’ve mixed me up
spun me round
up is a suggestion
down a certainty
and my mind screams to be let out
the dance goes on
even after my limbs give way
collapsed like the string cut puppet
you fling me
and i fall

travel bug

May 23, 2011

i want to say I’ve been there
pictures lined in rows
showing the good times or the bad
just memories captured
a room all for paintings
many filled with books
one from each direction
a compass spun
new inspiration captured
brought home to be treasured
in this glass bottle

The question

May 22, 2011

Is the way I am created from what I choose to be
Or simply a random result of what surrounds me