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together we are more

March 31, 2011

the storm has passed
i can see the sky lightening in the distance
your kisses running sweet
with the water falling down
i can’t stop myself from opening to the clouds
for this moment we are gods
our bodies bound by the elements
one with the world and its boundless strength
standing still under the pounding flash of the lightning


let me be

March 30, 2011

as much as i enjoy socialization
even a few moments of being “one of the guys”
i have to say that it’s not as important now
the trials i’ve been through in the past two years
all of the soul-searching
has brought me to a point where i don’t feel the need to align
the way others live is not enough for me
i need to create my own path
have my own space
and most of my time will be spent there
the funny thing is
i’m okay with that now
i fear being alone just as much as i ever have
but i’m not afraid to face it
deal with it
learn from it
becoming a more the person i’ve always wanted to be


March 29, 2011

i used to dance through life
smoothness of motion
conservation of energy
every movement thought through
so that any that saw
might think of grace
beauty of a body through space
gliding to the rhythm in the stars

never the twain shall meet

March 28, 2011

time moves two ways
memories carry us back
dreams lead us forward
but sometimes you’re caught
trapped for a time
enduring an unchanging now
when you realize it
you have a choice
back or forward
i’m sad to say
we’ve chosen different times

forbidden kiss

March 27, 2011

the body knows more than the mind
the mind feels more than the heart
the heart cries more than the eyes
the eyes taste more than the tongue
the tongue kisses more than the lips
the lips ache more than the soul

just a little

March 26, 2011

even in the darkest places
light brings hope
just as it washes out the grey
with gold-tinted color
it reminds the eye
that even the most bleak moment
can be seen differently

to reap

March 25, 2011

i’ve had my head down
plowing through a day at a time
trying to make it past
the trials of life
with all my marbles together
it’s been a struggle
a war against the elements
found in every one
waiting to capture us in weakness
and drive us to our knees
i’ve only knelt a few times
to rest in self-pity
before straightening up again
this time i looked behind
just to see my tracks
and though the bog holds every kneel
i see how far i’ve come
the muck may be sucking
and the view may be bleak
but somewhere along this path
my knees have strengthened
and my hands have calloused
against the fall
i am a stronger woman today
then ever stood in my skin before

a surrender to the sun

March 24, 2011

the hills are golden tonight
trees still grey-brown
before the birds come with life
their bodies naked in the eye of the sun
somehow the light transforms
all that appears dead
into colors painted on this canvas
just so i might look out my window
and smile

rotting collapse

March 23, 2011

i came to stand before you
stand up to you
tell you the truth of this
sickness destroying my body
i took pity on you before
allowing your worried eyes
to draw me in
the look of a lost puppy
not a 31-year-old man
i dealt with the pain
because i thought you’d see the truth
and one of these days
let me go
but it’s been so long now
i don’t remember what it’s like
to walk tall and proud
to be my own woman without
returning every night to this cage
your arms grip me tight
you can’t seem to let go
and as i stay the poison seeps
further in
taking more of my heart from you
and my body from me
so i’ve come to tell you
i’m leaving now
you are my disease
and i want no more pain

just one more

March 22, 2011

nothing is more memorable than the first
when it stretches over years
the next pales
falling far short
of acceptable