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February 28, 2011

aimless wandering ensues
as the only passage of time is kept
by the quiet clink of money
falling slowly in a heap
perhaps i should flip this hourglass
before anyone drowns
in this dreamless sleep


staring contest

February 27, 2011

i pause to think, here before this wall
staring hard, i listen
no sound comes
no thoughts move into sight
i blink, surprised
my mind is waiting on me

the taste of blah

February 26, 2011

you’re playing a dangerous game
leaning in so close
allowing just a brush of lips
before falling back disappointed

i know you want a reaction
a stiffening or desire
a small indication that in some way
you still affect me

i am sorry, once-love
buy my heart has grown cold
my need for touch restrained by despair
and shackled by disappointment

if you would really wish to help
then end this game of touch and go
find me the man with a key
who might really love all of me

a disappointment

February 25, 2011

it is my nature and my practice
to step back and let you see
the worth of someone else
growing and learning as they are
you should not judge me because i am invisible
let me help them in my own way
you’ll get your shining delivery in the end
no matter what hands you’ve seen
mine where there guiding
my voice whispering in their ears
driving us all onward to success
and despite your harsh, undeserved words
you will reap the benefit
of my sweat

homegrown knots

February 24, 2011

every now and then i can feel the ties that bind me
here to this place and to all the people around me
they slip in, around, and through
making each inseparable from the rest
and we hobble slowly in this three-legged race
praying we all reach the end

rings bells

February 23, 2011

i hadn’t heard the laughter in so long
i didn’t remember what it felt like
when bells ring out over sun-golden leaves
you look beautiful in white
you deserve this happiness

set up

February 22, 2011

this portion of the tale
will contain high contrasted light
shadows within shadows
enhancing pallor
causing all actors to appear gaunt
wasting into the background
held here by nothing

not me

February 21, 2011

i know you have your reasons for going
someplace else you think you’ll feel safer
but when your gone i’ll still be standing here
staring at a distorted reflection
contemplating ways to melt this glass

the house on the hill

February 20, 2011

the skittles scattered across the floor
bright contrast to dust
thick after years of loneliness
only a broken tap causing movement here
broken panes only filled
by teens looking for a scare on Halloween

sink in

February 19, 2011

getting by one day at a time
often leaves out larger things
that could be more important
but somehow the routine can be enough
if only for a while