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fly me to the moon

January 31, 2011

i thrill for the takeoff
the insistent and sudden push of the engines
watching the world speed by faster and faster
anticipating that moment when
the wheels lift
wings catching the wind
and you are raised up
the ground speeds away
cars becoming toys
marker splotches on the pavement
then finally only specks of light
receding through the clouds
now become the ground
endless and tinged with light of a tired sun
nothing can reach you here
in this roaring calm
until you descend from the depths of the sky
ground, cars, and life all rushing back at you
until the wheels touch
the plane slows
and they let you off
back into the world



January 30, 2011

nothing scarier than a deserted hallway
the cooing of pigeons
and the knowledge that every person
you might encounter
is already dead

necessary vice

January 29, 2011

some days
all you need
is a good strong drink
just to loosen the muscles
smudge the edges
and let your mind
drift away


January 28, 2011

there’s something about a crowded terminal
people flocking to their gates
each face looking hopeful
that they might reach their destination soon
couples heading for vacation
stoic men in suits
off to the next office building
children staring wide-eyed at the planes

we’ve all reached the same point
a place of transition, of between
from here we could go anywhere
for whatever purpose we choose
all you have to do
is buy a ticket

sailing in the mind

January 27, 2011

sails billowing full
in the misty white breeze
lurid pink dolphins crash in the wake
of this, our mighty airship


January 26, 2011

how have i come
to feel such anger
to hold so much resentment
even when i walk away
your voice still resounds in my head
ruining my mood
strangling my happiness
and i just can’t escape
how disappointed i am
and you
get it


January 25, 2011

fly to my arm, little bird
perch and preen
i will let you free
just here within this room
so that i might let you land
gently on my arm
patting your little head for a moment
before closing the door once more
leaving you alone in the dark
only here as proof that i can
and do
own you

not a fate i’d like to share

January 24, 2011

you poor little potatoes
didn’t know what you were getting into
when you hopped inside that bag
no one said you’d be skinned
left naked
dried in a rough towel
thrown en masse into boiling water
only to be smashed to a pulp
and eaten

say cheese

January 23, 2011

i see you dancing around
posing prettily with your friends
you look amazing, by the way
like a doll
or a model from a magazine
but there’s one thing i know
about people that don’t look real
those looking so perfect in pictures
the truth behind those pouty lips and lustrous eyes
is you each have a knife gripped behind your back
if not planning who to hurt
then waiting to see who will hurt you first
so you can hurt them back
and so the cycle goes
i have to say
i love the pictures
i even envy the ideal they represent
but you can keep your life
mine isn’t glamorous
but at least it’s real


January 22, 2011

dear expectations, i believe you have me confused
for someone who’s gotten away
i don’t believe that i can help you
so please don’t contact me again
sincerely, disappointed