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December 31, 2010

a small cloud has come to stay
to see what i might be doing
it sprinkles down leaving me
looking up
wondering when the rain will stop



December 30, 2010

christmas was a blanket of wool
tucked in around the world
holding us close
but now the year ends
with a case of crystal
tiny drops melding together
until everything is solid
preserved for a day
until the new year
can thaw you out
for a fresh start

the sum

December 29, 2010

i think i understand
why the older you get
the more you talk about your past
when it doesn’t take much
just a smell or a word
for your mind to jump
forcefully back in time
you find yourself swimming
in the moments of your life
losing yourself in each
time stopping
just for you
and you feel the need to share
this brilliant sensation
so that someone can know
what it is to be you

time for farewell

December 28, 2010

i’m glad i got to meet you
sharing a few laughs
even a few jibes
and when you leave
know that i will miss you
for both and all
because you brought to me
a better part of my life
than i otherwise would have had

opressive stillness

December 27, 2010

the jungle waits in silence
watching as its unsuspecting prey
wanders lost under its branches
nothing can save your foolish self
once you’ve willingly wandered
into the home of the predator


December 26, 2010

young backs bow beneath
unreasonable expectation
brought on through necessity
as children pick up
the chores of their mothers
and carry on
because they are the only ones
who can


December 25, 2010

the sea’s waves crash
deep within your eyes
staring out through crusted lashes
the breeze blows by
carrying with it the tang of salt
a bitter taste
all that’s left
of the current that brought us here

the day before

December 24, 2010

the snow’s falling now
covering up the black of the city
everyone’s excited for the holidays
crazy with gift-lust
and ready to eat till they’re sick
i’m glad i’ll be leaving it
just for a while
until this mob passes
out to a quiet wood and house
filled with sane people
to sate my own love
of christmas

avoid temptation

December 23, 2010

these keys call softly
begging for my fingers
to type out a bit of my soul
but today i say no
i’m just too tired
perhaps tomorrow, dear


December 22, 2010

i’m pretty sure today’s a celebration
surrounded at a distance
i just can’t see them
why is it now
that the only one left
is a disappointment