51 – Scenes from a Saturday Coffee


Watch them swirl
like pink carnation petals
falling in a frothy glass of milk.

Two lost lovers
are found swimming in a latte
of anyone’s life,

you stare out the coffee shop window
watching the world go by
and get up to join it

but here I stay.

Missed opportunities
and missed connections
fill the boards,

but I never paid much attention
to the box of lost-and-found —
my loss exceeds

the trouble anyone spends
on putting it together.
I can’t add. You were gone,

but here I stay.

are a hard commodity to swallow
amid the foamy wish-I-would,

but I never did,
I never could
attempt the daring compromise

of latte art and chocolate dance
swimming in my drink.
I had the chance,

but here I stay.

Gone with a hat shake
and a double gulp
picking up your wall

you leave behind a laptop,
alien ship of modernity,
and don’t see anything real

since real is scary.
I can understand
you are always pulled away,

but here I stay.


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