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to sorrow

October 31, 2010

beer bottles are lining up
filling the space on my bureau
showing me that although things are bad
and may continue to get worse
i have at least one small vice
to indulge in quietly
when all else fails to stop the tears


letting go

October 30, 2010

this time of year i follow the trees’ lead
walking out under the stars
i stand with arms outstretched
covering me are the worries, hopes, and dreams
that i have held onto for so long
fluttering in the night breeze
i call their names one by one
and as each passes before my eyes
i let it fall
drifting slowly to join the piles of leaves at my feet
when i am empty i stand
rooted in the fertile ground of failures and successes alike
my heart becomes quiet and my eyes close
my body joining the forest in its sleep
as we all breathe deeply
and wait for spring


October 29, 2010

hey, what are you doing here?
didn’t you have somewhere to be?
yea, that.
oh… cancelled, huh?
that’s too bad.
it really sounded like fun.
well, better luck next time.
see ya.

trying to sleep

October 28, 2010

the whales watch
as my heart pounds
and i try hard
just to lay down
but my mind races
and my body shakes
these insomniatic demons
make my bones ache

46 – lucid fantasy

October 28, 2010

last night, i stood on the rings of saturn and watched the stars fly by in peace. as the fabric of the universe opened and seven inter-dimensional beings climbed out, i heard a voice from everywhere and nowhere tell me that we are all one universal consciousness living in the nightmare of objectivity, there is no such thing as death, life is just an illusion and we are the imagination of ourselves. the seven beings handed me seven stars then disappeared. then i woke up. i have to go to work now.

45 – omg lol last nite b4 i ptfo

October 28, 2010

omg, lol. last nite b4 i ptfo i puked on dan. lmao.


no i dint.

u wana blo him slut :P

haha! like O… M… G…

sibling rivalry

October 27, 2010

the trees stand proud
heads in the wind
hair whipping wildly
each vain streak of color
slowly plucked away
by the ever-jealous storm

what if it’s not a dream this time

October 26, 2010

the more comfortably you sink
the faster the fear overtakes you
when you notice how
although this room is yours
the door has no hinges
and the bureau is leering
in the semi-dark
deceptively soft pillows firmly hold your head
unseen chains weighing you down
pulling your body deep inside your bed
muffling your thrashing
all the while your mind shrieks
to just wake up
just open your eyes
it’s just a dream
it’s just
a dream…

chin up

October 25, 2010

you shouldn’t mourn
things you haven’t lost
just be glad you are here
and keep on living

the edge

October 24, 2010

if there’s only so much
that one person can know
have you ever wondered
is there a limit
to stupidity?