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September 30, 2010

chains that tie me

made by me

or made by circumstance

or genetically gifted

broken through courage

calling for reinforcements

from above

the chains are weakened

then melted

finally just a memory

that taught me to be strong


glass eyes

September 30, 2010

the cavalry’s here
backing you up
as you advance
so confident
but a hand on your shoulder
makes you open your eyes
glancing over your shoulder
at the dolls
that would never move to help
no matter how hard
you screamed

25 – talking about gentrification at an all-night diner

September 30, 2010

honestly, irene…
the scars on your eyes
and the missed opportunities on your tears
are so tiringly trite.
what happened to the fire
that burned in your soul
and the spice that filled the diner.
have you let the bastards win
with their faceless personalities
and their predictable novelties?

don’t let them take the neighborhood
without a fight…

24 – word is in brooklyn…

September 30, 2010

bunnies are hopping across the street today.

it’s disgustingly cute.

and i really want a cigarette right now.

23 – family values

September 30, 2010

there are little bits of fingernails
all over the desk
where Diana had bitten
herself to the quick
sweating and nibbling the temptation
to pick up the blade and slice herself
like a thanksgiving turkey.

a cry of another statistic comes from down the hall
hell came home from work again apparently
and shared its fury with the cozy little house
with the white picket fence
and the wrist cutting cocaine addict daughter.

22 – behind

September 30, 2010

i’m the turtle behind everything
hobbling like a drunken amphibian
a stoned reptile
a slow
my that’s a beautiful flower
i wonder if it will have a light rain later

21 – ingendered

September 30, 2010

sometimes i just want to slap
chauvinist women, he said.

why can’t men just get out of my way
and let me smash patriarchy, she said.

why can’t we all be individuals,
the transgendered individual who had been keeping them from killing each other said.

20 – my adventures in wonderland

September 30, 2010

i was swept under a dream
last night
and it may have already come true

the mushrooms
growing on my bed
are but leftover memories

and my soul
is stuck
in “who are you?”

the power

September 29, 2010

round eyes stare
quite stupidly
as the melon balances
on a cone-like head
beak clacking the rebuke
you save the world
i’m busy with this melon”

29/365 – gratitude

September 28, 2010
blindfolded before i awoke,
it was the god of small things
i had come to meet
when i thought
i was living in
my own nightmare.