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ghost train

August 31, 2010

this train is rushing somewhere
far into the night
with silent ghosts
faces in the windows

one woman cannot sleep
anxious to see her husband again
a young girl is tired and jumpy
running from troubles that soon may follow
two men huddle in a seat
outlining business plans that cannot wait

tomorrow we will leave this train
go our separate ways
none ever seeing the others again

but for now, tonight
we share this train
i, too, a ghost
staring out the window


1/365 – the day after

August 31, 2010

the day after
the days ended
doesn’t always feel too different –

– even though they tell me
that i’m supposed to feel
the vaccuum, but isn’t
that a contradiction, really?

how could gravity
feel like anything but?

there are no storms here;

no thunderbolts of lightning;

only sand and the
sounds of silence.