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April 30, 2010

won’t you come and live in sin with us
and burn your skin off for a while.
satan has the best candy.

yes, i believe in love.
i’m a sucker just like you.
but someday you will see the truth.

all those cutesy mail-order catalogs
with pictures of dopey couples
are cashing in on happiness over and over.

save yourself
from marriage, inc.
and love your partner because you want to.


30 – the last day

April 30, 2010

i would
hold your hand
and look into your eyes
and say goodbye
but i know we’ll be back
to link our arms
though each others
and soon, like the days
of yesteryear,
we’ll be back to running
around in circles and chasing
tornadoes through the coffers
of our minds.

29 – wild nights

April 30, 2010

wild nights
and years of ecstasy
and all the bolts of lightning
have stood in a corner
as i’ve watched you
traipse around my heart
and take pieces of me
with you every day
that you’ve opened the door
to leave.

Last Day

April 30, 2010

Last day
I now remember
was epic
in every sense
of the word.


April 30, 2010

simmer down, sweet fire
for i may need you
later on
when the days are cold and gray
and nothing shines
but the lights
above the road
leading me somewhere
when the night is darkest
we will burn


April 29, 2010

too many knick-knacks and other little
various pieces of junk are filling this bloody house
as over and over, we light up another
stick of herbs
to take our sins away
and pray to the distant God above
the places where He had scattered us
that we make the world a little bit more beautiful
another day, another dollar,
another holler.
filling up our brains
with useless garbage,
trivia about everything
and nothing
at the same time.
oh yes, we are them.
and viva la vie boheme.

front row seat

April 29, 2010

laughter rings
through the black of space
as “dangerous aliens”
look down
on a green and blue planet
full of scurrying beings
so amusing
that thoughts of conquest
fly away
so that they might settle down
to enjoy the show

the fight

April 28, 2010

please just step to the side in the living room
at the place where my head exploded
and left a messy stain on the carpet.
fights are for the weak
and we were both weak,
killing ourselves
and each other
over stupid little pieces of paper
that mean absolutely nothing.

And soon…

April 28, 2010

I will see you
standing across the street
as people blur by
to live their routines.
Sidewalks, cars
blend effortlessly
into oblivion
as years of love
and feelings
hold us tight.

28 – vienna

April 28, 2010

i have pictures
hanging on my walls
of a vienna washed
in an orange glow,
underneath a star lit sky

a picture
of a little corner
with marble tables
and i know i talk
about shadows all the time
but they really do linger,
you know, sometimes
like the smoke from cigars,
thick and sweet,
and woven into
the cracks of the walls –

it’s a picture
that leads from
light into darkness
and i can’t really tell
how the inky blackness
in the far corner
changed the man
who walked into it

but it’s a picture
hanging on my wall
of a vienna washed
in an orange glow –

and it waits for me.