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June 15, 2009

sing with lips of darkness
praise to the creator
orbs of such power
electric and sizzling
contained within a skin so fragile
you are the best of me
a shape so beautiful and simple
refined to the essence of woman
constant companion
embracing the dark
but only truly alive
when edged in rays of light


live in the journey

June 2, 2009

tip tap tippity tap tap
all the bustle of life fades as you see
the feet
dancing between the legs
of a sunlit rocking chair
people hurry past
aware of nothing but themselves
across the world these feet have danced
from Italian cobblestones
to the dust of the desert
and the hard sterile flooring of the airports in between
while the world rushes on
a single silhouette breaks the light
rocking slowly to the tap tap
of those traveling feet