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fly away little bird

April 30, 2009

perched on the edge of failure
taunting the luscious Lady Fate
I calmly smile
and await the fall
into the loving arms of Death


golden opportunities

April 30, 2009

“Hey! How’s it going…”
you… i never thought i’d hear from you again.
“… and it seems like just yesterday that i talked to you…”
really?  i’ve lost count of the years.
i tried to call so many times after you left.
your friends always said you were busy,
though i could hear your muffled laughter in the background.
what a fool i was.
“… things have been so crazy out here.  You know how it is.  With the divorce and all…”
oh yes.  the divorce.  i had forgotten.
right after you told me how much you loved me…  that i was your world…
that you couldn’t live without me…  and then…
how eagerly you breathed down his tongue right in my face.
“… but that’s not important.  What I really wanted to talk about…”
and here it comes.  my reason for existance.
to run and fetch when you decide to crook your finger.
do you honestly think you still have that power?
“… the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other again.  It would be so much fun…”
ha!  really?  fun?  do you intend to rub the memory of him in my face?
or just make me clean up his mess?
“… and it would mean so much to me…”
oh, we’re getting to the good part…
“… so, what do you think?  I know you still love me.  You have to say yes.”
and there it is.  the assumption that after all this time, you still mean something to me.
i’m not be the boy you left kneeling in the rain with a broken heart.  i’m not going to beg now.
as a matter of fact, i only have one thing to say…
“I’m tired of being used.  Good-bye.”

crunchy chicken

April 30, 2009

thud tha-thud
feet pounding
heart racing
eyes darting
back to see
something follows
thud tha-thud
closer stalking
teeth shining
growl sounding
thud tha-thud
must escape this
evil creature
thud tha-thud
getting closer
wrenching panic
thud tha-thud
feet are slowing
thud tha-thud
please don’t stop now!
thud tha-thud
no! don’t kill me!
thud tha-thud


April 30, 2009

brought to this place against our wills
she scowls down on our pitiful attempts
to placate her insatiable thirst
beads of sweat pour down our naked bodies
bloody hands provide a tribute to
our unflinching loyalty to a cruel mistress

Nocturne for a Dream

April 30, 2009

The World is falling asleep again.
Goodnight, world —
I’ll see you in Armageddon.
Sleep, oh sleep and dream away…
American Dream, oh Capitalist,
Worker’s Dream, dear Communist,
California Dream, sweet Anarchist,

I’ll see you all on Judgment Day.


April 30, 2009

think of all the lies
we tell ourselves to maintain
our fragile hold
on sanity
all the coverups we use
to hide our inadequacies
in hopes that maybe
lies become true
in time
but what we do
is not overcome weakness
but create a facade
so vibrant and textured
that we
begin to believe
and soon
we find we must ask

who am i really?

The Beginning

April 30, 2009

circles can be broken, i believe – 
all sorts – they’re not neverendingappearances
these round, full bodies, suspended in not quite air.

i am the reality in your fantasy,
changing your world to make it
not suit your wants,
but molding it to your needs,
in your too blind eyes unable to see.

Gandhari was more blind than Dhristrashtra,
I think. A silk blindfold in a queen’s hand
is no different than a blindfold in a pauper’s.

I am the one who wakes up to
rock my solitary, placid boat
to change these molecules
of existence, 

from beginning 
                              to beginning
                                                      through end
                                                                               to end.

The 1990 Series: One

April 30, 2009

Write for me
he said blithely
free verse.
Nothing I see
in life is free.
The price is pain
or worse.

last day of poetry (for now)

April 30, 2009

So it’s midnight, the change of date and now the 30th, the last day of the month of April. I just wanted to say it’s been great writing with yinz, readin’ all the poetry n’at and I hopes each and every one of you will keep writing. And don’t just keep the words in a milkcrate; send em in to publishers, go to poetry readings. It’s been real.




April 30, 2009

show me your dreams
shining pearls in the dawn
such unclean morsels
by hope
into priceless wonders